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Pamela Pentony

March 2010 / Band Bio

Class. Grace. Craft. Style. Heart. Soul. All qualities you’d think had disappeared from the jazz-vocal world with the passing of those great divas of the golden age. It would seem as though the contemporary scene is made up entirely of shallow clotheshorses, “singers” more concerned with image than art. It would, that is, until you’ve [...]

Little Invisibles

March 2010 / Band Bio

“I’ve always been drawn to the darker sides of art and music,” says Little Invisibles vocalist Gina Degnars. “Even back when I started taking piano lessons, when I was seven years old—I always wanted to play the minor chords, not the major ones. There’s a powerful beauty in darkness, I think.”
So there is, from Chopin [...]

Corey Smith

March 2010 / Band Bio

For Corey Smith, one of the best things about making music has always been getting the chance to hang out and have a good time with his friends. And it’s still that way, more than 10 years after his early days of playing the bars around Athens, Georgia. The big difference now? Well, it seems [...]