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Artist bio: Corey Smith

July 2010 /

For Corey Smith, one of the best things about making music has always been getting the chance to hang out and have a good time with his friends. And it’s still that way, more than 10 years after his early days of playing the bars around Athens, Georgia. The big difference now? Well, it seems [...]

Artist bio: Lucas Martin

July 2010 /

It’s a red-dirt sound. That parched, wide-open kind of country that comes from nowhere but North Texas. A time-tested, both-boots-on-the-ground kind of music. One that usually has to be earned; the big reward that seems to ripen only after decades of slugging it out for rowdy oil field workers in sawdust honky-tonks from Amarillo to [...]

Band bio: Crazy Mary

June 2010 /

Anyone who experienced New York’s gritty, exciting, and gloriously vibrant music scene in the 1970s, ’80s, or ’90s will tell you the same thing: Their city is gone. Wiped out by a Stalin-esque, Disney-driven coup and replaced with a staid world of theme restaurants and karaoke bars. It’s as if when the soul was sucked [...]

Artist bio: Marshall Lawrence

June 2010 /

Not many blues artists can call themselves “the Doctor of the Blues” without a whole stretcher-full of the idiom’s winking big talk. But Marshall Lawrence can, and with only the slightest bit of irony. The award-nominated Canadian bluesman actually holds a doctorate in psychology, and he knows how to use it—just as he knows how [...]

Band bio: Strange Lights

April 2010 / Band bio

Fuzzy electric and strummed acoustic guitars swirl together with bass and drums in a spacey, spooky mix. Weird electronic blips pulse and percolate amid the haze. Ghostly male and female vocals materialize, harmonically converge, and then disappear back into the infinite mist. You feel warm. Dizzy. Disoriented. This is very much a mysterious, alien place. [...]


April 2010 / Band Bio

There’s just something about the Catskills and great music that go together. An energy that radiates from the mighty, life-giving nexus of the Hudson River and courses through the mountains and the tall pines, between the dozens of old stone houses; a beacon in search of creative spirits to embrace and nurture. It’s a light [...]

Catherine Sikora

April 2010 / Artist Bio

When discussing a jazz musician’s art we tend to focus mostly on their musical heroes or formal training. But a player’s surroundings also play a powerful role in the forging of their sound. Think of the blaring Manhattan sirens and car horns in John Coltrane’s music, the cool Pacific surf in Chet Baker’s soft voice [...]

Lauren O’Brien

April 2010 / Artist Bio

The words come through your speakers. Tense words. Sharp words. Hypnotic words. Words couched in grinding guitars and thudding drums, words thick with emotional desperation that also reveal the strangely paradoxical beauty in suffering; the diamonds in the cave, waiting to be mined. The words are those of Lauren O’Brien, one of the most exciting [...]

Kenny Siegel

April 2010 / Band bio

Many musicians will tell you their music has a strongly “spiritual” side. But for Kenny Siegel that particular adjective carries with it a much more literal meaning, especially when it comes to his long-awaited solo debut, Eleccentricity.
“I believe the song ‘The Wake’ was written by ghosts using me as a medium,” says Kenny. The 36-year-old [...]