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Mingus Dynasty

Another stomping, shouting jazz bassist (he’s got some poetry, too) takes over the family business

December 2007 / Village Voice

Maybe you were there, inside the yawning cavern of the Muddy Cup coffeehouse upstate in Kingston on that hot August night. If so, you remember what you saw, what you heard, what you felt. From the stage near the front door, the emcee introduces the headliner. And somewhere deep in the back of the room, [...]

My, my, what Big Sky

Unspoiled Montana is tourism’s final frontier

April 2005 / Boston Herald

Anyone who hasn’t done it thinks being in a touring rock band is one big party. A sweet ride through endless excitement in exotic locales. In reality, it’s a punishing existence of missed sleep, bad food, and very little money. Oh, and driving. Lots and lots of driving.
How do I know this? Because I did [...]